Winter 2006 League Playoff Results

By Bob Chew

The winter league started January 21st, 2006, with 6 players competing in Division A, 12 players in Division B, 13 players in Division C, 10 players in Division D, 14 players in Division E, and 13 players in Division F. It concluded on March 18th, 2006 with a playoff round followed by a hot dog and bagel party.

Thank you so much to Louie Lau, who brought the delicious food and helped out with the party. Your support made the league and party a success.

DivADivision A (over 1950)

1st : Harold Gomez

2nd: Fernando Cordero

DivBDivision B (1700-1949)

1st: Miguel Maghinay

2nd: Zhuangjie Li      



Division C (1550-1699)

1st: Kevin Quan

2nd: Anthony Tong


Division D (1400-1449)

1st: Tony Guo

2nd: Paul Do 



Division E (1200-1349)

1st: Vandy Tep

2nd: Rick Kiessling


Division F (under-1200)

1st: Harriet Quon

2nd: Jeff Curlee




Member of the year award winner:







Hiroshi Koshimoto